Dogs...         Rain or Shine

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Dogs Rain or Shine is a dog walking and boarding service based in Maidenhead.

The aim of Dogs Rain or Shine is to provide a personal service to you and your dog to help make dog ownership more convenient and more fun.

I am here to give your dog(s) the same care you would give them when maybe you are too busy, otherwise committed or would simply like a break.

It could be a daily walk, a one off emergency , a two week holiday or anything in between.

Sometimes you do not have time, or perhaps the energy, to fit in a long enough walk in the morning or you get home and just want to put your feet up for a change. Perhaps you would like to come home to a calmer dog who has not chewed your favourite slippers out of mischief or boredom.

Whatever the reason, if you would like some help keeping your dogs life fun and entertaining look no further.